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Mermaids are silently disappearing as darkness rolls across the surface of the seas. A new ruler has taken control of the Northern Sea Kingdom and has no plans to keep peace with the neighboring merkingdoms. It’s up to one merfamily to stop the evil above and protect the waters below. There’s only one problem: the merfamily has been ripped apart.

Will Merena, the mother of twin mermaids, escape her unforetold fate as a servant to Queen Romana of Hysteria? Merena has two choices: find a way to reunite with her daughters or fall victim to her new Queen. Merena’s daughters, separated at birth, have no clue each other exists. But when unexpected events occur, the twins have no other choice but to return to their homeland on a search to discover the truth about their past. Will the twins find their purpose in the clues of their past? Or will the evil growing amongst the waves be too great for this separated merfamily?

Twin Tales Paperback

SKU: 0001
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