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What's up? It's Kiera. 

If you get to know me you'll know that I am a leader who is driven by great passion. I get energy from specific others, but I am content with gaining life alone (where are my ambiverts at?). My purpose aligns with passions and values flowing from deep meaning and faith. I am a vision setter and seek to find the answers to the greatest questions on the path before me. I move forward creating a plan and awareness in all areas of my life. I am born to serve others through connection and community, specifically the emerging generations. All the combinations of what make me me create the dreamer-doer I tend to be.

I was born in Knoxville, Tennessee. (Go Vols!). I grew up screaming Rocky Top with my younger siblings Makena, Aliyah, and Tegan. My parents, Dr. Tony and LaShea Colson have always been my number one supporter. I give all glory to my King of kings, Jesus Christ. I live to serve His kingdom.


Ever since I was young reading and writing have been a part of my life. Now, it fuels my passion in life. Through writing, speaking, and coaching I strive to create meaningful opportunities for my generation to make their mark on the world.

When I was 16, I published my first book, Twin Tales, under the mentorship of Kary Oberbunner. Now at the age of 19, my passion is to pour into my generation through Teenfluencer Nation creating the connections desired, providing the tools needed, and awakening the next generation to stand out in a world pressing in. 

So, many things are in the works from new books to an upcoming podcast in January, but until then you'll probably find me studying as a Sophomore Psychology Major at Lee University (My Home and favorite place on earth. Go Flames!), lifting weights in the gym, reading, or hanging out with my chosen family. 

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With over 2 more books in the workings, Kiera is always writing and exploring in order to bring new worlds alive. Wanna be in the know of all her upcoming books then click here to join her email list.

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