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Since the beginning of time, every generation has struggled to find their place in this world. The conflict sounds strangely familiar: peer pressure, friends, relationships, grades, and jobs. 


But there is a difference. Today’s teens deal with new issues like social media, remote schooling, global pandemics, and digital devices. The stakes are higher and the obstacles even more complex. 


We’re caught between being carefree kids and overstressed adults—sometimes both within the same day. The world wants us to grow up faster than we’re ready, but if we’re honest, we’re just trying to hang on and make it through. 


But what if these years could be about more than simply surviving? What if there was a way to make these days count—even for eternity? Maybe we’re supposed to be influencers, instead of the ones being influenced? 


Teenfluencer Nation is a book written by a teen for teens. Author Kiera Colson discovered a powerful process that equips young people as they develop their gifts and grow into their true purpose. 


In Teenfluencer Nation you’ll 


  • Journey through common challenges teens face so you realize you’re not alone. 

  • Discover the characteristics teens need to develop to experience true success.

  • Encounter compelling stories of teens just like you who changed the world forever. 


Find the strength to rise above your struggles, and the courage to create a world you’ve always wanted.


Isn’t it time for you to stand out in a world pressing in? Join the movement today. 


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* Please note, Hardcover will be available in October 2022. Please be patient for deliveries.



Teenfluencer Nation Book

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