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Jason Nemes, international speaker, author, health & wellness expert, and Kiera Colson, teen author, speaker, and coach, are coming together to bring the next generation answers for making every moment of life matter by taking action and standing out in a world pressing in.


Jason and Kiera's unique style and powerful message will EMPOWER YOUR STUDENTS to combat the challenges that today's teens face and help them AIM FOR SUCCESS IN ALL AREAS OF LIFE.


Your students will: 


  • be empowered to break out of depression and embrace a positive mindset

  • embrace healthy behaviors that help them become teenfluencers

  • find hope even when facing insurmountable odds learning they have what it takes to thrive and enjoy life.

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Jason L. Nemes has reached over 300k people with his message on positivity.


Jason is an international speaker, health and wellness expert, and serial entrepreneur. Known as the “tattedprezzz,” he’s a top 1 percent income earner in the company he works with.


Although a second heart attack flatlined him on Easter Sunday, April 4, 2021, Jason emerged with an infectious passion for life. Today he inspires and equips clients and audiences to make every moment matter by taking extreme action.

 “You don't have to die to decide to live.”

Success doesn’t have to be complicated.
All you need is the right Code of Behavior.

Most people are stuck in average, and average is a dangerous place. Average is where complacency and comparison rule. It’s where the daily grind leaves you dissatisfied and longing for significance. And it’s where you end up when you take life as it comes, instead of taking control.

The good news is, you aren’t destined for average. With the right Code of Behavior, you can have the life you want.

Jason knows firsthand about the power of having the right code of behavior. After living by the wrong code of behavior, his life was a series of negative consequences: his mom had kicked him out of the house and the party life had left him addicted and empty. Then, when he was thirty-five, his choices caught up with him, and a major heart attack almost took him out of the game—permanently.

Determined to create his best possible life, Jason changed his code of behavior. This book reveals his path to greatness and gives you the tools you need to become your best from the inside out.

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Kiera Colson has a passion to spark purpose and joy in the people around her.


Through her writing, speaking, and coaching she creates meaningful opportunities for her generation to make their mark in the world.

At the age of 16, Kiera published her first book, Twin Tales.


Now at the age of 18, she is an author, speaker, and teen life coach.

"You can’t stand out if you’re trying to fit in." 

Since the beginning of time, every generation has struggled to find their place in this world. The conflict sounds strangely familiar: peer pressure, friends, relationships, grades, and jobs. 


But there is a difference. Today’s teens deal with new issues like social media, remote schooling, global pandemics, and digital devices. The stakes are higher and the obstacles even more complex. 


We’re caught between being carefree kids and overstressed adults—sometimes both within the same day. The world wants us to grow up faster than we’re ready, but if we’re honest, we’re just trying to hang on and make it through. 


But what if these years could be about more than simply surviving? What if there was a way to make these days count—even for eternity? Maybe we’re supposed to be influencers, instead of the ones being influenced? 


Teenfluencer Nation is a book written by a teen for teens. Author Kiera Colson discovered a powerful process that equips young people as they develop their gifts and grow into their true purpose. 


Find the strength to rise above your struggles, and the courage to create a world you’ve always wanted.


Isn’t it time for you to stand out in a world pressing in? Join the movement today. 

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